Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do with this site?
A: You can do a self-diagnosis based on the answers you give. It is actually a pre-diagnosis because the program cannot see you, touch you, do lab test, x-ray's, etc.
You can also track your weigth.
And you can search the build-in medical 'knowledge' and go transparently into the WWW to Yahoo and Google.

Q: Do I have to login?
A: Only if you want to want to come back. The system can use the 'history' in subsequent sessions.

Of course you also can look into the history.

Q: How long does it take to set up an anonymous account?
A: Two minutes at most.

Q: Is an anonymous account really anonymous?
A: Yes! Just create an account name that does not identify yourself. The system does not ask you anything that can be used to identify you. It is wise to change the password that is given to you, but even if you do not change it then noone can get at you. They can only mess up your history.

Q: What can I do if - during self-diagnosis - I realize that a previously clicked in symptom is wrong?
A: Just use the back-button and correct your mistake. In fact you can go all the way back to the start diagnostic page and start over again.

Q: Where does the medical content come from?
A: The medical content comes, among others, from:
The Merck Manual, 17th Edition, 1999
Professional Guide to Diseases, 6th Edition, Springhouse, 1998
Clinical Evidence, London: BMJ Publ. Group, 2001
Professional Guide to Signs & Symptoms, 4th Edition, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2003

Q: Does this site replaces the need for a (personal) physician?
A: No. Remember that this site provides at most a pre-diagnosis. The site may help you decide that you do not need (now) to contact a physician, or may help you decide to get help soon, or may help you clarify questions to raise with your physician, etc. In short: helping with your choices.

Q: Who provided the funding for this site?
A: Nobody.